Interview with Jas Mann from French magazine XL
@ Your latest album is purely, traditional pop-rock. Have you given up machines?

JM: I have never been fond of machines. Even my first album was composed with a guitar and a small 4-track tape recorder. I always practise at my songs in an acoustic way, giving priority to the tune and the lyrics. In Europe, we are fond of arrangements... As soon as you go into the studio, you try to outdo your rivals but for "King Kong Groover" I wanted man to beat the machine.

@ In what way do your Indian origins influence you?

JM: I'm a pure product of the two cultures. So it can be felt in my music, my behaviour... I like it to come back naturally but I would not make myself look ridiculous making traditional indie music. It's the same for my clothing, I like nice and refined materials. I am not a rocker that burps while drinking beer.

@ No, your style is rather the Levi's adverts...

JM: So what? I have been lucky but I owe it only to myself. When this advert was released with my single "Spaceman" nobody knew me. It enabled me to make an album and now to compose this one. Today it's hard for bands because they have to make hits to keep working successfully. But I am not cynical... To survive,to keep maturing, you have to know how to adapt. And, I am not ashamed of it.

From the French magazine "XL"
Translated to English by HéloÏse

Other Information
Jas, fully named 'Jasbinder', was born in Dudley in the West Midlands on the 24th day of April 1971

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