First Q&A Session with Jas Mann (08.03.2004)
All the questions here were submited by visitors and members of the Babylon Zoo Online website. Jas' answers are highlighted in this color

Lord-Shiva writes...
Q. If his Leopard tatoo looks like the Leopard, on one of the single front cover of Animal Army?
A. Yes very much alike
Q. If he has a mobile phone and which one?
A. Samsung
Q. His favourite song at the moment?
A. Chemical brothers "Star guitar"
Q. Which bands/solo singers he likes?
A. Evanescense, Missy Elliot
Q. If he still does smoke/which cigarette mark?
A. gave up years ago
Q. Which PC he has, a Laptop, an Apple,...?
A. Apple

Mascara Lies writes...
Q. If he listens to his old music and what he thinks of it a few years on?
A. Have not listened to it for 3 years or so, but i'm proud of it as it was a part of my personality at that time in my life.
Q. If he could collaborate with another artist who would it be?
A. Siouxsie and the Banshees
Q. What was the last CD he bought?
A. Rage against the Machine

Indochine writes...
Q. what characters attract him in women?
A. Honesty, and dark sense of humour
Q. Is it true that you have your own club in Italy called "Hollywood"? (I read it in one article) Could you tell a few words about it?
A. No it was my friends club, but I haven't been there for many years.
Q. Does Jas use perfume and what is his favourite one?
A. Lolita 4 men

Parasite writes...
Q. I would like to know if he's ever planning to compile a live Babylon Zoo CD or release a DVD. He could do it independantly through his website when it's finally up.
A. Good idea...also thinking about an acoustic album version.
Q. also: Does he feel embarrassed about when he was on Brasseye?
A. Nah, being a Midlander i've had many worse moments growing up. Any way I called a couple of Asian mafia friends and had the whole production team "taken out".:-)

Louise writes...
Q. What does "Satnam see bayhar guru jee". mean in English?
A. It's a little like "Praise god"

Muad'Dib writes...
Q. I would also like to know if he has any idol.
A. No, but I can be a little "idle"
Q. If he has got a car.
A. I used to, but don't like to drive anymore, prefer the undergrounds!!
Q. He said that New Atlantis is now Hub Records, how does it look like? Still like a rainforest?
A. It's and rainforest with robots!!!

Zylver Bat writes...
Q. What was your inspiration for writing Caffeine?
A. How easy people in life are "misunderstood"
Q. What are your two favourite tracks from each one of your albums?
A. Caffeine, I'm cracking up..
Q. What new artists/groups do you like and you liked when teenager?
A. The Cure, Sisters of Mercy, Beastie boys.

Alexzoo writes...
Q. What did you do all this Long time?
A. I've been painting, and will be displaying my art soon.Scoring film music, Developing artists for my new label. Ohh and skating....
Q. Why networks/magazines (also indie magazines) doesn't speaks about you? it's strange!!!!!!!!!! We/I've not forgotten your beautiful music.
A. I was never a press darling, but to me it's important to get self satisfaction in anything creative and forget reading peoples opinions, it seems everyone has views on artists but the only one that matters in the creative process should be your own. Thank you for your kind words.
Q. Why you don't made us informed about BZ?
A. Now with Hub up and running i'll be keeping everyone informed with what's going on with future releases.
Q. What do you think about KING KONG GROOVER album? (Fantastic for me).
A. It had it's moments, but looking back I feel there were too many cooks and the ingredients got lost.
Q. After the big success of Spaceman and the album "T.B.W.T.X.R.E" what do you think now? are you interested about that style?
A. It's great to get success, I must admit
Q. Which kind of music do you like? (artists,genres etc... if it's possible)
A. I like anything interesting, that mixes new styles together, like Mariachi Static, Outkast, Evanescence, Chemical brothers, Nine inch nails.
Q. Must we've to wait a lot for another release?
A. I'm trying to get Hub an exclusive license deal to release music world wide.I don't want to sign to another major company as they stifle creativity.
Q. I'd like to know which are you're best movies?
A. Many many....Donnie darko in recent times
Q. Do you like the Drum'n'Bass?
A. Yes
Q. Are you still fascinated about ufo? if yes, will be visible in your next project?
A. I'll always be interested in what else is out there.But in music and visuals i think it's best to explore other things that effect you in your life as well.
Q. How do you use internet and the pc (if you've a pc)
A. I have a Macintosh G4 with ADSL
Q. Do you have some favourites web sites?
A. Many....check out

Dfly writes...
Q. Where in life do you believe you are at now? I know that when you are famous, or at least I think, it takes you through so many hurls in life that you end up probably more unsure of what you really want.
A. My life is a very fortunate one, and i never forget that. My father came to England when he was 17 with one pound in his pocket and we had a very poor but happy up bringing. I believe life comes and quickly goes, so it's important to keep moving and not standing still.
Q. I really think you are a very handsome man and I'm sure a lot will agree too, but do you ever feel self -conscious about yourself and your abilities?I don't mean to get too deep, just wondering what someone whom I have admired through T.V and magazines really feels.
A. Beauty is a subjective thing, i definately don't see myself as being handsome, everyone can look good with success and makeup but in the end it means nothing unless you have something to say.Beauty fades but words are immortal.
Q. Yes, the last question! I really feel that, thanks to the music you have provided us with, you have helped shape my future in a small but very meaningful way, so I appreciate what you have accomplished and hope that If you still love music the same way you did before, perhaps you will give us more of it. My question? Could we possibly be friends? through email, or letters I will be grateful If I get to speak to you at least once; it's quite alright If you think that's a silly request, I probably would think odd If someone asked the same of me, anyhow Thanks a million for taking your time and hope that you are safe and happy.
A. Thank you for your sincerity and it makes me feel great that my music can provide some inspiration.I know when i was growing up and even now many creative people in music or film and art help me in many life shaping ways.

Orochi writes...
Q. Did you ever visit our forum? Did you read our posts and see how many people still believe in you?
A. I do read the forum, and to be honest it's a major part of me rediscovering my passion for creating music again. Thank you all.
Q. I forgot to ask this (but i think is too confidential... ): If you (Jas) read our posts in the forum, what do you think of Lord Shiva? (I'll add this question because everyone in the forum knows how much big BZ's fan Shiva is...)
A. You know i think it's the greatest thing when someone believes in you 100%.If any other forum members are artists etc they will understand that it's like family support. So for me the dedication of all the fan's is something that drives me to hopefully do good work.

RomeoJava writes...
Q. Are you having problems with the record companies about using the name Babylon Zoo and therefore will put the new work under a different name?
A. I did previously have rights issues but really it's time to begin a new chapter. I always set out to create music that was the unexpected and a fusion of styles that inspire me. MS is the first of my new collaborations with other artists and producers.I know to some BZ fans it's a little too different but the ones that know me well will understand that life moves on and so does sound and songs.
Q. Is there any chance of you issuing a better quality version of parallel lines that the one floating round the net? I don't know where it came from but it's great, pity about the quality.
A. I am currently putting together a compilation of all the past recordings in some forms or mixes not yet heard.
Q. Do you have any old recordings that you didn't release at the time and can let us real fans have a listen to?
A. Yes, there will be unreleased music available soon.

Lui B writes...
Q. Why dont I hear anithing from the group anymore?!.....
BZoo stopped making music some 6 years ago.Since then i've been scoring films and working on new projects via Hub records my new label.
Q. Why have you been away from the radio and tv for sooo long?!....
Music over the past years has become one large reality TV experience and i found films more creative.
Q. Have you ever heard of the Faroe Islands (I live there=)......And if you have what have you heard?!..........
I have heard of the Faroe islands, becuase of their great football exploits...:-))

Holloway4th writes...
Q. Are there any chances to see Jas in Europa in 2004-2005?.. (if he's interested and if it's not too expensive for me I organize some concerts in belgium.. I love to dream!) Why do you guess that it's so hard to keep on going when you've had a "hit" like spaceman? I hope it will be like nada surf(popular) or weezer (blue album)and that you will come back to us in a very closed time with great songs as you've ever made.
A. Hopefully my new project Mariachi Static will perform around Europe soon.Spaceman was a great success but i think it also destroyed the BZoo concept. It's alway's good to move on a create new ideas.

Intergalactic writes...
Q. What do you think about nowadays rock music?
A. Half the reason for doing Mariachi Static was that it's hard to see anyone experimenting and taking risks in rock music.
Q. What are you up to these days? Are you producing, writing new tracks, painting perhaps?
A. All of the fore-mentioned.
Q. Are you planning a come back to the music scene and when will we listen to it?
A. Theres alot of new projects i'm involved in coming out through Hub Records

Sephirot writes...
Q. How ya' doin'?
A. Still dreamin'
Q. Whatcha doin'?
A. Thinkin' too much......
Q. Hi. Are you considering, maybe, coming to Serbia and Montenegro (southern Europe) this, or next year? We had a lot of great bands coming lately (because of the worlds... "accepting" of us...?), bands like "Soulfly", "Sonic Youth", "Tricky", "Blondie", "Kosheen" and all that, so, It would be extremely great for your band to come! We are having a festival every summer, called "EXIT" and it's held in Novi Sad. A very beautiful city, if I may add.... and so, I just want to know... Is there a slight chance for you to come? Oh, and I just wanted to say, "Caffeine" is great! "I'm cracking up I need a pill" too!
A. Thanks for your kind words.....i would love to come to Serbia and Montenegro it's a country that interests me as it's been through so much change the last decade.

Indochine writes...
Q. Is it possible to see your new pics?
A. There will be a digital diary on the web site once the albums are released.
Q. Could you put out the new songs lyrics, please?
A. Definately, the new tracks by MS are just a sneek preview.The final versions are not yet complete, when they are ill post up all the lyrics.
Q. And also we'd like to know approximately (if not exactly) the date of new release.
A. We are currently negotiating license deals for world wide distribution so it's hard to say.

Alexzoo (in respose to the above questions) writes...
Q. Will it be possible to buy this record at the music shops/megastores etc...?
A. We are currently negotiating license deals for world wide distribution.

Adela (submitted via email) writes...
Q. First of all, Is he all right?
A. Thank you for asking....i'm very good and happy to be creative.
Q. And then, what's he been doing in these last years?
A. I've been painting, and will be displaying my art soon.Scoring film music, Developing artists for my new label.

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Jas, fully named 'Jasbinder', was born in Dudley in the West Midlands on the 24th day of April 1971

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