Second Q&A Session with Jas Mann (18.10.2004)
All the questions here were submited by visitors and members of the Babylon Zoo Online website. Jas' answers are highlighted in this color

Steph J writes...
My questions to Jas:

1. What do you think of Quiet Rob's Sandkings site?
I think he's on a vendetta to embarrass me of those bad hair days!...seriously I think it's great that old music gets rediscovered and he's done a great job in researching the material, I don't even have most of the music.
2. Has there been any progress on the 'Babylon Zoo live' compilation that Parasite mentioned?
As you guy's probably know, I changed my mind a few months ago as regard to recording a new BZOO album, so I think I will make live tracks available after you guy's hear new material.
3. I'm a bit famous round here for being a 70's Rocker of the forum....and I'd like to ask: Which is your favourite out of Deep Purple, T.Rex, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath?
Mmmm.. It's a very hard question, they are all quite individual. I love the riffs of Zeppelin, the melodys of T-Rex and the vocals of Deep Purple, then the dark vibe of Sabbath, so that sounds like a cool supergroup hey?
Here is mine and Maciej's (Cronos on the forum) joint questions:

1. Why is there no more Babylon Zoo or Mariachi Static music on the Hubrecords site?
As most of you know there's a whole process that comes with releasing music worldwide and to our naive initial passion came the realisation that the tracks we posted on the site were being already sold on other sites. This is difficult for a new independent record label, as it's hard to control, with the lack of finances. So I decided that we will put the music back when there's a complete album ready for release.
2. Both me and Maciej had assumed the hubrecords site would provide news of your progress, but in the 'news' section, we never see anything new. Why is this?
I've never been one for many words, so I'm sorry if the news is not updated as yet. But once the albums are ready for release we are going to do constant info guides. Life's just revolving around a recording studio at the moment.
3. And since you're not telling us what's going on, we'd also like to ask: is Mariachi Static going to be doing any performances/releasing anything/doing interviews etc?
Mariachi Static is really only a studio project, but I am going to DJ with my collaborator in Europe and the USA. We will keep you posted as to the dates and places.

Louise writes...
Do you think musicians should get involved in political issues?
My feelings are quite strong on this issue, I think musicians are human (even if some feel super-human) and life is political these days. So the answer to your question is YES.

System_Anodyne writes...
Would you consider yourself apart of orginized religion? Or are you more on the spiritual side?
I don't really feel I'm religious in the modern definition of the word. I believe in equality and no divisions in faith. Spirituality has been over used in the 21st century, us Indian's believe in god but as someone who is a spiritual being, acceptance of all people and their differences is the most important thing to me.

Baby Blue Eyes writes...
What is your stance on the war in Iraq?
I hate to see suffering and I hate war. This might sound a little corny but life's become cheap and money obsessed, globalisation and the corporate machine is killing us slowly.
Are you happy that you followed a career in music? What do you think you would have done if you hadn't?
Yes I'm happy I followed a life in music, it's something I never planned but writing songs and playing my guitar just makes me happy inside, without it I feel lost. I still want to follow my passion of film making also, so I'd probably be making sci-fi/horror flicks if I were not making music.

parasite writes...
My Questions:

hey Jas, nice of you do this for a second time!

Firstly, how are things going with Mariachi Static? I look forward you hearing some new stuff soon.
Thanks Parasite, MS is nearly complete, I will make it available as an internet album only, as not to clash with the new BZOO.
Secondly, The Mariachi Static material has an interesting sound because of the blend of the different sounds in it, a bit like a techno-rock fusion. Where did the idea for this come from?
MS as I've said before is a collaboration with a producer friend of mine, so it is only 50% me. I just added the words and heavy riffs, Ian Duncan did the electronik.
Thirdly, as a continuation of the last question, have you heard any of the earlier material by the Shamen because they were very successful with techno-rock fusions. Check out the albums "In gorbachev We Trust" and "En-Tact" if you're interested.
Will do!!
Fourthly, as the glam influence is evident on KKG (and I'm sure theres a little T.Rex steal with the strings on Animal Army!), what do you think of bands like Sparks?
Yes I think KKG to be honest was an album I would have never done had I not been in conflict with EMI at the time. I'm not really that into happy glam, but when I'm sad I make happy crap:-). I'm not really into quirky music at the moment, but I'll check Sparks.
Fifthly, are you planning on doing any live work in the near future? (please come down South if you are (eg London, Surrey, that sort of area)).
Hopefully I can play the new BZOO album live soon after release.
Sixthly, Which recording (song or album) are you most proud of? It can be anything you've ever done not just BZ.
I still enjoy the "Boy with the...." album, it was me on my own in my studio with only Steve Power as my referee.
Seventhly, (errrrrr. I'm pushing now!) would you like to check out my bands site? if yes.
Love to...send me some music!!
Well I should probably stop now, so thankyou if you answer any of my questions.

Good bye, and good luck with ya projects.
Adam Scanlon (Parasite).

alexzoo writes...
Hi Jas, it's Alex from Rome

What about your new project, is it going all right? (your expectations)
Hi Alex, well there are 2 releases coming, Mariachi Static and Babylon Zoo, the music is going well, my expectations are always high, but let's wait and see
Do you think in the 2005 will be possible for us to listen from your new music? (I/we already appreciate the new sounds).
Definitely 2005, will see new music for everyone to hear.
Are you planning to collaborate with any artist,band?
To be honest I've tried collaborating with people in the past, but other than the Mariachi album I've found it hard, maybe because I'm a bit of a loner.
Which kind of music are u listening at the moment? (artists,genres etc..)
I like Monster Magnet, some of Audioslave and avoid pop:-)
It Does exist really unpublished materials about BZoo?
Yes, they might feature on the new album.
I'm really interested about your visual arts, ...the illustrations inside Hub Records website are really good 4 me, so I work as a Graphic designer, and I'd like know which kind of programs do you use or do you prefer to express your (digital art). (I Like Jas as an eclectic artist).
Thank you for your kind words. I illustrate with ink pens. I draw my images on paper then scan them into my computer then render then in Photoshop or Illustrator.
Do you know the movie: "Withnail and I"? what do u think?
Haaa...funny I just saw that a couple months ago, it was me when I recorded my first album...broke, obsessed, and smelly!!
You're favourite beer?
I don't drink much anymore, but Indian Cobra tastes good with hot food.
Could You advise me some interesting places to go to dance in London? (I'm going there working, next year, Looking for a Job! Lol!)
You know, I've not lived in London for around 4 years, so my advice might be bad :-)
Thanks v m

accadia writes...
My questions for Jas are:

1. Where was the video for Spaceman filmed?
Hi Accadia, it was filmed in Almeria, Spain. Plus we did interior shots in East London.
2. Is there a song where you think, 'I wish I had written that'?
Yes "Imagine" John Lennon.
3. What song do you think is the best on King Kong Groover?
Mmmm..."All the Money's Gone"...sappy pop
4. How did you get into skateboarding?
I was always into it, when I watched "Gator" and "Hawkes".
5. Did you study microbiology?
It was a serious consideration, but fell flat after the music.
6. Can you tell us about the 'Apparel' section of the Hub Records website?
I've been asked to fund some Russian graffiti artists who are going to produce their work on t-shirts so I'm looking forward to that.

Jeana writes...
Well hello there Jas. This is more of a light hearted question just in case some of them were getting alittle too serious! I was (and still am might i add) a HUGE BZ fan. I came down to the Mega Mela in Birmingham when you were promoting your second album. All i want to ask is that do you remember me giving you that handmand black furry cushion i made with your name on it! I can't believe i made that, it took ages! That's what you get from young girls i guess! I'm more grown up now and still listen to your music. Your band got me into rock music and life is so much better with it! All the best x
Hello Jeana, I do remember that pillow, I gave it to my Mom and she loved it! I always appreciate the hard work that goes into gift making. Keep Rockin'!

Anitsirk writes...

What do you think of Kovenant's version of Spaceman?
I've not heard it lately, maybe you could send me a copy!
Do you have a favourite horror movie?
"The Eye"
Thanks! :)

keith lincoln writes...
ello ello

-whats the scoop on any upcoming albums/projects
There will be a new BZOO album and an internet only Mariachi Static album.
-why are you so dogdamn amazing!?
Thanks for that, but I'm really just an Indian with a guitar!
-the first time i heard of you was seeing the video from "spaceman" on latin MTV, when i lived in guadalajara. did you have a hand in that video? if not, did you like the final cut?
Yes, I had a hand in writing the video and thought it was pretty good at the time.
-who is on your current playlist? or in your cd player right now?
Echo and The Bunnymen, Audioslave, Monster Magnet, Sisters of Mercy, Alien Sex Fiend.

darkcrystal writes...
Here are my questions for Jas.

I'd like to know what magazines and/or newspapers he reads.
I read film magazines, and skateboarding mags.
Can he swim?
No he can't
How often does he go to gigs or concerts?
Not a lot, don't like crowds
Does he still wear coloured contact lenses?
After the operation no.....
Which subject at school did he most enjoy?
Art, English literature
Would he consider doing music for a computer game?
Yes, Resident Evil would be good!

Atma writes...
My Qustions:

Who do you think were the best musicians/bands from the mid 90s (Apart from Babylon Zoo) ?
Hi Atma, I think there were many great bands in the 90's, the best being Nirvana.
Do you have a favourite retro videogame?
Yes, Pac-man!

ProjectCyclops writes...

Here are my questions: 1. Do you still keep up with any of the members of the Sandkings? I think you guys made some brilliant stuff together!
Unfortunately not, I've not seen them since we split. I suppose it's life, people move on and some things are best left.
2. What to you think of the new electro sound around right now? Do you ever listen to bands like fischerspooner, goldfrapp, ladytron, miss kitten or felix the housecat? If not, i reakon you might like 'em!
Yes like them all, it's a new sub-culture.
lastly: 3. If you ever do a live gig in scotland, would you consider edinburgh over glasgow? I live in edinburgh and it's lovely. I'll show you around and get all my friends to come to your concert! (ok, i have no friends.... i admit it...)
Haaaa...well I love Scotland, just because when I was young the Sandkings were kind of adopted Scottish sons, we always played at King Tuts...I love Edinburgh, the people are mellow.
Love Project Cyclops

Lord-Shiva writes...
Hi Jas,

.)How many people are involved with your new Project Mariachi Static? Can you tell us the names?
Hi Lord-Shiva, there are 2 of us, me and Ian Duncan.
.) What are the meaning of the 3 MS songs that were available on the Hub Records site?
They are all protest songs about how we are all being pigeon holed these day's. Stuck in my Species is about racial-discrimination, Friction is about fake cultural ties and Responding to Echo's is about talking and not being heard.
.) How does a usual day of "Jas Mann" looks like? Are you a late or early riser?
I wake up around 7am, drink lemon tea, then write till I drop!
.) Whatīs your favourite food/meal? And what you dislike?
I love Aloo-gobi and dislike processed foods.
.) Do you like sweets/chocolate?
Yes lemon bon bons!!
.) What does an artist need to have to be signed under your label?
Great, great music.....
PS: I hope your good hair day comes soon ;) :D. Actually you donīt need to worry īcos you are the best looking man!-thatīs my opinion :-)
The cheque is in the post :-))
Thanks and all the best,


Archilles writes...
My Questions to Jas:

Last dream you can remember?
I was a spy in the Russian army in 1947.
Do you still put make up on?
Yes I still love to slap it on!!!
Do you like to cook? If yes what do you cook mostly? What do you usually eat for breakfast?
I love to cook, generally Indian food, I don't eat breakfast.
Would you consider yourself as a chaotic or orderly person?
Organised chaos......

sick benny writes...
Does Hub Records accept unsolicited demos?
Yes, as long as they don't self-destruct.

parasite writes...
In "I'm Cracking Up I Need A Pill" what is it you say before the second verse (when the other instruments come in?). I was listening to it this morning and I've never been able to work it out. It sounds like "bloopinooooop!".
I can't remember, I was just shouting anything that came into my head at the end of the chorus, I will take a good listen and get back to you.

Elfin Queen writes...

Dearest Jas

I've been an admirerer of yours, since I heard and saw you the first time on Tv. I fell completely in love with you, seeing you in that silver sarong, singing about spacemen and wanting to escape the world. Not to mention the way you acted in interviews, I loved the things you said, wich the interviewer couldn't understand. you always had the controll, while the interviewer never got a feet to the ground. well I could keep on going, but what I really want you to know is that you have my deepest respect.

I have some personal questions for you...

Do you believe in god? and how do you believe in him/her?
Firstly thank you for your kind words, I think also I might of come across a little strange to some people, but I feel it's natural being protective than open when people are analysing you. I'm Indian and I've always believed in God and gods. I was many times in Indian in the Himalayas with my parents on a spiritual journey.
What do you think is the meaning of live?
No Hate
And do you consider yourself being one who can inspire people with your knowledge?
I don't feel any mortal can be that powerful, some people can say things better than others, but I feel we are all the same.
Elfin queen

RomeoJava writes...

1) What are some of your fav london watering holes? (bars/clubs)
Hello RomeoJava, well to be honest and boring, I don't go to pubs or bars, I'm into the Playstation and game thing with my mates.
2) what inspired the silver skirt in some of the video/live performances?
Well going back to India with my parents, I always use to wear sarongs so even though it was a big thing in the press is was quite natural to me.
3) ever thought about doing a live online chat with the ppl from the BZ fansites?
Yes, great point, we will try that sometime.

Zagreus writes...
What do you think about the series "Doctor Who" in general like/dislike?) and its comeback in 2005?
I loved Dr Who and the Daleks when I was young, the John Pertwee days. I'm scared to see a Hollywood version though just in case they get Ben Affleck to be the Doctor.

mevlana writes...
1.Can You tell us something more about the "Modular","Repo-kidd" and "Ozium" projects?
Hello Mevlana, all these projects are friends of mine who I've met from all over the world. They are strictly internet collaborations and they don't compose in the same room together, I'm still waiting for them to finish their respective albums, but when they do the tracks will be available.
2.Do You have somebody who takes care of Your image and looks?
I believe a person should mould his own look, whether good or bad, it's a sign of your true personality not a contrived one.
3.What's the last book You read?
"The History of Video Games"
4.Are You still a vegan?
5.Do You like ethno and jazz?
I like both yes they are experimental forms of music and that's something I really admire from musicians.
6.Whatīs Your favourite football team?
Liverpool and Wolves.
7.What are Your favourite actors from the new-ish ones?
Johnny Depp, Ben Stiller.
8.Would You ever accept to have a part in a movie?
Not as an actor, I am going to direct a film though.
9.Your favourite artist?
Music is Led Zeppelin. Picasso as the painter.
10.Did You wrote or prodused a song for Robbie Williams?
I was friends with him and we planned to do a song together but it never materialised.
11.Where can we find Your first FIFTEEN MINUTE FILM ?
I'm looking for it myself I'll let you know how I get on!

System_Anodyne writes...
Are you dating right now?

Aroma Girl writes...
Ahh i thought about some more questions:

.) Do you believe in true love? Are you romantic?
Yes I'm romantic and I believe in true love, the hard part is finding it.
.) How many instruments do you play and which?
I play guitar, sitar, piano, drums.
.) Do you listen to indian music? Which artists? Can you recommend me some?
I listen to Lata Mangeshska, and Mohammed Rafi. You should check them out, they were old singers.
.) What do you sing on the beginning of Fire guided light?
theri ark heggi lal--your eye is red
.) Can you say something funny in german? :D i can remember on your liquid airoplane hahah.
eich bi einer fluzig ----hey I hope I'm not offending anyone here!!
.) Are you going to sing in another laguage except English on the MS Album or the BZ online Album?
I've been learning Russian after visiting Stalingrad (Volgograd) this year, so who knows.
.) I think itīs really a pitty that Honaloochie Boogie was only a promo release. Have you made remixes for that song?
There are some mixes, but to be honest I cringe when I hear my voice on that song.
.) Whatīs your favourite ice-cream flavour?
Mint chocolate chip
.) Do you wear glasses? I saw you wearing them on an interview in 1998 when All the moneyīs gone came out. Fits you very good makes you look sexy :D
Thank you, thank heads getting too big for my glasses now.
.) You score music for films? Which films? You made Bi-movies or? Is it possible to see them somewhere?
One is "No Maps for These Territories" there was music also provided by U2.
.) What do you sing on the beginning of Fire guided light? I mean who is talking on the beginning of Fire guided light? Sounds like panjabi, what is this guy talking and where did you record that part. Also the short beginning of Caffeine.
It's my Dad singing in Punjabi and it's funny cause he's saying, "this boy doesn't work, what will become of him"
Yeah and what he is singing on the beginning of Cofused Art between red light green light?
lal ak peli ak---red eye-blue eye

Keiron writes...
someone might of already asked these, but here's my q's..

1) is there any chance of a sandkings reunion, or any re-issues of 'Welcome to England?'
Unfortunately no reunion and probably no re-issues as I've not heard from the guys in over 10 years.
2)did you make any videos with the sandkings?
yes.. it was called Earth Wheel, but I don't have a copy anymore.
3)i've heard you know members of Pop Will Eat Itself. is this true?
Yes I knew Clint, we used to play with them live.
4) have you written any new mariachi static songs (sorry for being nosey! )
Hey your not nosey at all, the album tracks are done, we are waiting to get time to mix them.

pac4life writes...
Hi Jas Mann

Q1. I know spaceman single sold bucket loads, but what was the final sales figures on the two albums?
Hi there, I think the album sales were 2 million altogether.
Q2. Do you feel maybe if you didn't do the levi's advert Babylon Zoo would have lasted longer instead of being stuck with the tag of 'oh the group that did the levi's advert' etc
It's hard to say, but it's funny now because it seems everyone is launching new music this way.
All the best

darthcrunch writes...
I live in Toronto, Canada. With the time difference, I hope this question

makes it for the deadline.

1. What are some of your favourite film scores? I thought Interview With the Vampire(by Eliot Goldenthal) and Nadja(by Simon Fisher Turner) are two of my fave film scores.
I love Ennio Morricone's "Once upon a time in America"
2. What do you think of the latest Star Wars films?
I'm a bigger fan of the earlier ones, I don't like the casting of the Ewan Mcgregor character.
3. Currently, what project are you working full force on?
I'm currently writing and recording a new Babylon Zoo album as well as finishing the Mariachi Static project.
I just wanted to say that I think you and your music are great. I love the Mariachi Static material and look forward to hearing and seeing the films you have scored. Antonio
Toronto, Canada

esraa writes...
JAS i really love your music and every single thing about you!! here are my

1)is that you singing in the new puegeot 406 advert???
Hi Esraa, I've not seen the advert in question and no it's not me.
2)do you believe in God or any religions??
I'm from an Indian family and we've always believed in God's. I don't believe in strict religions as I think that is a man made concept.
thanx a lot for your time:D thanks for writing!

Phil Day -> writes (submitted via email)...
Hi Jas, hope everythings going well and you are happy. Just wanted to let you know im still listening to your stuff, and it still rocks! I was hoping i could bother you for a moment to ask you a couple of my questions, as i have been a loyal fan of yours since 1995, and there are some things i would love to know!

1) Will you ever do another Babylon Zoo album or single for UK chart release, or is Babylon Zoo finished forever?
Hi Phil, there will be a new Babylon Zoo album. I decided earlier this year to do it after finding my passion again for the project.
2) Are you a fan of Marc Bolan, and if so what albums of his have you got? As well as Bzoo, I love T.Rex aswell, and i loved your "Cosmic Dancer" cover.
I like his music, to be honest I heard "Ride a white swan" when I was 15 and loved it. Ever since I've been a fan.
3) What has been the best moment, and the worst moment of your music career?
Good question, best moment was getting 21 number one hits. Worst the day I found out the guy who signed me to EMI got fired.
4) Are you planning any live shows anywhere?
No plans just yet, but we will post more regular news on the Hub records web-site.
5) Finally, could i have your autograph if possible?! Thank you for your time jas, i really appreciate you answering my questions. Please hurry up and release some new stuff so we can see the master at work once more! Keep rocking, and all the very best of luck for your future projects. Best Regards Phil

Thanks Phil, reading all you guys words has inspired me to write the best music I possibly can...thank you for your support.

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Jas, fully named 'Jasbinder', was born in Dudley in the West Midlands on the 24th day of April 1971

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