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quiet rob
post Jun 17 2006, 11:54 PM
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I've just typed this up for accadia, I thought I might as well share it with everyone else who might be interested.

(It is from the sampler for TBWTXE)

BABYLON ZOO are the consummate reaction to the media's 21st century dream.

JaS Mann is the 24 year old part Asian part Native American lead singer/writer/producer of BABYLON ZOO.
HIS irises burn an iridescent, silvery blue: his childhood nickname provides the title of the debut album:
"The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes" - A classic, potent pop formula distorted into a naive, but beautifully crafted, angry,
yet optimistic attack on the frustration of everyday life.

The band began as painters and short film-makers, a mini art collective calling themselves New Atlantis
Productions. The album is the audio interpretation of their artistic ideas and principles. Jas Mann didn't
grow up admiring the usuall western icons of rock and pop and is consequently untouched by the pompous
aspirations of the rock n' roll dream.

The super-charged guitar sound that runs through the album is produced by plugging a cheap, second-
hand guitar and amp straight into the mixing desk. The voices of his multiple personalities on the album
are enchanced by a toy megaphone: objects to hand in his bedroom, rather than exhorbitant production
tools. But these unstudied simple effects fuse to create a high quality, powerful sound. Manns influences are
more easily compaired with the cinema- in the spirit of the low-budget horror flicks of Rodger Corman and
the surreal, suburban adventure of David Lynch, rather than coming from any laid-down musical clichés.

"Like an actor, the album is a platform for my personal feeling about my surrounding and the people
around me". The album is a soundtrack without a film, a modern opera without a script and the band are
actors playing games with the rock n' roll dinosaur. Welcome to part one: This is a genesis of the world
according to BABYLON ZOO.