King Kong Groover
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All The Money's Gone
Honaloochie Boogie

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Track Listing
  1. All The Money's Gone
  2. Manhattan Martian
  3. Honaloochie Boogie
  4. Honeymoon In Space
  5. Stereo Superstar
  6. Chrome Invader
  7. Bikini Machine
  8. Are You A Boy Or A Girl?
  9. Hey Man
  10. Aroma Girl

Japanese version also includes
  1. The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes (Armageddon Babylon Mix)
  2. Cosmic Dancer

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  • All The Money's Gone
  • Manhattan Martian
  • Honaloochie Boogie
  • Honeymoon In Space
  • Stereo Superstar
  • Chrome Invader
  • Bikini Machine
  • Are You A Boy Or A Girl?
  • Hey Man
  • Aroma Girl

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