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Where were you in these 2 years?
I've been on the top of the chart in 19 nations, then I've decided to take time to reflect about what I really wanted to do. I've never thought to leave music: I only wanted to look around me and clear up my ideas. My parents come from Punjab, a rural part of India. I've been shaken by the big success so I've come back home. My parents have a farm in north India, near Pakistan and for me it has been like breathing pure oxygen. I've left in England my guitar, video, books, cd, and everything about western world. I've left the rest of the world and it has been of use. I've found again a harmony I thought I've lost and a big inspration: in 6 months i've written 50 new songs. It's like going to a psychoanalyst where we remember our past to accept our present and to imagine our future. It's not purely concidental if the single's title is "All the money's gone". In this song I explain my return to my origin, without the superfluous but surrounded by the essential things: a life's philosophy that I think is valid. We all should try it: reflection, meditation,communication with the others through the music.

What are your favourite topics?
My favourite topics are the infinity space, the sensation that I'm an alien on the earth and identifing myself in the personnage of a sci-fi story...these are my aims, and spaceman was the prove. Today I like to work with sound track, sound united with images. "Manhattan Martian" has been written for "Independance Day" but I didn't finish it in time; "Chrome Invader" was born while I was thinking about a scenography of a film about alien's invasion, whose color is silver: my favorite colour.

Your parents have married when they were very young, it's true?
My parents, as is the custom in punjab were married aged 6 and 8. They had to be stopped from playing before the wedding. Custom are hard to die...

This is (I believe) translated from Italian, so the grammar isn't perfect. Thanks Sara (xenia).
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Jas, fully named 'Jasbinder', was born in Dudley in the West Midlands on the 24th day of April 1971

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