Review of King Kong Groover
Shan't be nasty about Mr Jas Mann; he lives near our office, so he might come and duff me. I rather like him anyway.

His second album is, like his big hit Spaceman, T-Rex/Bowie-esque bubblegum pomp pop with synth bits, vocoders, and FX pedals; no doubt covered in hologram sticky-backed plastic and labelled "interstellar squonk-glam overdrive".

The title's say it all: Chrome Invader, Boy Or A Girl, Manhattan Martian, etc. Guffaw! Jas Mann is a kid in a cyberpop sweetshop - and who can blame him?

by Stephen Eastwood - taken from Teletext on Channel 4
Other Information
Jas, fully named 'Jasbinder', was born in Dudley in the West Midlands on the 24th day of April 1971

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