Popcorn, 1996 (Magazine from Poland, scan and translation)
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When he was a teenager at school he was nicknamed "a guy with x-ray eyes." Actually, his eyes are of a very rare colour they're blue-silver. However, Jas Mann (24), the frontman of an English band - Babylon Zoo, is happy about his "x-ray" eyes. To make them more piercing he uses sophisticated or even aggressive make-up - he braids his raven black hair with grey highlights. Sometimes he makes an appearance in a suit, like in the photo. More frequently he is dressing like an Indian - he puts on loose colourful clothes (sari) that he borrows from... his sisters. He does so even though it isn't clothes nor eccentricity that brought him success. To a great extent he owes his popularity to a well-known jeans company. A boss of the textile giant accidentally heard his song in a local radio station. He found Jas and offered to buy the song. The boy (his father being Chinese and mother Indian) didn't think long almost immediately agreed. It was Shaggy who won popularity thanks to a song for "jeans dolls". Jas have been waiting long for success. He has been present on a music scene for 6 years. His first songs were coming to life in his parents' house. He recorded them...on a portable cassette player. Now he's working in a professional studio where his album "The Boy With The X-Ray Eyes" was recorded.

Featured in Popcorn (a weekly teen magazine in Poland) in 1996. Please note that any factual inaccurates were part of the original article and not errors during translation.

This article was scanned, translated and submitted to Babylon Zoo Online by Kamil Sterniczuk.
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Jas, fully named 'Jasbinder', was born in Dudley in the West Midlands on the 24th day of April 1971

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